Online Education Resources

There are many resources online for students hoping to continue their studies while in Thailand. Unfortunately, many of the resources that BASRAN knows about are in English and require high English literacy. If you know of any educational resources in other languages commonly spoken by refugees in Thailand, please share in the comments below.

The best free online resource for students and parents is Khan Academy. Khan Academy has interactive lessons for all ages in Math, Science, Economics and Finance, Arts and Humanities, and Computing. There are also sections on test prep and college admissions for older students.

The BBC Bitesize website has lessons for Primary (ages 5-11 in England) and Secondary (12-16 including GCSE) students. The lessons are in English and include a mix of videos, reading assignments, and tests.

BrainPop is a collection of many different lessons for many different topics. Most of the website requires a subscription to access but some of the lessons are free.

The Smithsonian Center for Learning and Digital Access has many articles and interactive lessons on art, history, language arts and science and technology.

Top Marks is a search engine for finding many online education resources for all ages.

English Language Lessons:

Talk English and Speak Languages have many free English language lessons, including speaking, listening, and reading resources.

Thai Language Lessons:

These Thai language websites are a mix of free and for-pay resources.



One response to “Online Education Resources

  1. For refugees and asylum seekers wanting to continue higher education online, they can register for free to Kiron Open Higher Education. The online courses at Kiron are in English, and there are also English language-learning tools provided. At this time, Kiron itself does not offer full bachelors degrees; however, it is working towards offering this and partners with other universities worldwide to complement its course offerings. For more information and questions, visit


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