Situation of Urban Refugees in Thailand

In this section of our website, we will explain the situation for urban refugees in Thailand. To make this easy to follow, this guide speaks directly to urban refugees in Bangkok, but we hope that anyone from the general public, government, media, or civil society will also find this introductory information useful.

This section will answer the following questions:

  1. Who are urban refugees?
  2. What is the Refugee Status Determination (RSD) process in Bangkok?
  3. How do I get recognized as a refugee by UNHCR?
  4. How long does the RSD process take?
  5. What happens if UNHCR recognizes me as a refugee?
  6. What happens if UNHCR does not recognize me as a refugee?
  7. What is my legal status while my UNHCR application is pending?
  8. What are Thailand’s laws related to refugees?
  9. What should I know about living in Bangkok?
  10. What should I know about visiting the Immigration Detention Center in Bangkok?

We will address each of these questions in order, but you can click on any of the questions in the list above to jump to a specific question. 

Start (Who are urban refugees?)