Visiting the Immigration Detention Center in Bangkok

Visiting the Immigration Detention Center, Suan Plu, Bangkok

­ Anyone with a valid visa is welcome to visit the IDC during the working week.

­ The visiting hours are from 10:00 ­ 11:00am Monday to­ Friday (except holidays). 

­ You need to arrive and register between 9:15am ­and 9:45am.  The earlier the better.

­ To register you must have a copy of your passport, visa and your most recent entry stamp and departure card, signed and ready to give to the IDC guard (a Thai national would need to copy their ID).

­ You will also fill out a form asking for the detainees IDC name and number (IDC number, not UNHCR number) and your name and address and contact details.

­ You can bring items in for the detainee, such as food, books, etc. but nothing metal, or glass, and no phones and/or bedding material. Medicines are also not usually allowed, but there is no harm in trying.

­ You can not bring any personal items into the meeting area, and must lock all your items (including phone, wallet, pens, etc.) in a locker before you enter.

­ You will see your friend through two fences and can pass money or notes to them via a guard but you will not be able to give them a hug.

­ Each person visiting the IDC can bring one detainee out of their cell. Usually kids will also require a visitor to bring them out as well.

­ Be respectful to IDC guards and staff as this is a service that they provide and could shut down any time if they chose to do so.

­ Visitors should be coming only as individuals wanting to help with the comfort and happiness of the detainees and not for any other reason such as a reporter, lawyer, tourist or human rights activist. Be aware that any indication of such purpose could jeopardize visitation for everyone, which would be detrimental for those currently in IDC.

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